September 1, 2019

Episode 24: Representation and Authority

This episode is centered on the theme of representation and authority in the public sphere. Can we trust what authorities tell us about how we use our digital technologies, or how laws and public policies are developed and mobilized? How can we make sense of official justifications for interventions that are increasingly intrusive in our daily lives? From Apple and Google to our own governments, tune in as Derek and Tommy discuss these questions through the contexts of how we use our smartphones, dark tourism and prisons, and terrorism as an issue of public health. Derek also gets to FINALLY plug his own research! Needless to say, he is a bit giddy about that one.

We're honoured to have Kristi Lee, host of the podcast Canadian True Crime, so graciously contribute to our show by providing us a shiny, brand new intro and outro. Please support Kristi's excellent work by checking out her show on any of your favourite podcast apps.

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