June 4, 2018

Volume 11: CAIS, Interdisciplinarity, and Life in the Ruhrgebiet

Volume 11 marks the beginning of a unique side series for @WTNcast, as Tommy conducts numerous interviews during his summerlong Fellowship at the Centre for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS) in Bochum, Germany. In this episode, Tommy sits Max Brenker to learn about life growing up, working in, and navigating around the state of North-Rhein Westfalia. In his capacity as Project Officer at CAIS, Max shares some fascinating insights about what it takes for a research centre to thrive in a burgeoning intellectual landscape that takes very seriously the ramifications and promises of the Internet and digitization upon emergent regional and international issues. As we will find out, interdisciplinarity is key for scholastic growth in these areas - a pursuit that is not without its challenges. Whether you are interested in culture, geography, or abridging academic inquiry across the social and hard sciences, this episode has lots in store for you. 

Whether an early or seasoned academic, we highly encourage you to pursue a Fellowship by visiting CAIS here. Don't hesitate to get in touch with them on twitter and be sure to give our new friend Max Brenker a follow, too.

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