June 18, 2018

Volume 13: From Bulgaria, to Bochum

In our second episode from Germany, co-host @thomasncooke planned to chat with a new friend and colleague about her summer research project at the Centre for Advanced Internet Studies (@CAIS). That will have to wait, as our guest @julirone - a recent Social and Political Sciences PhD graduate of the European University Institute, Florence, Italy - shares numerous complex and thought-provoking perspectives that challenge many of @Thomasncooke's ideas and assumptions about European culture, politics, and research agendas. 

Beginning with a quick lesson on how to properly pronounce Dr. Rone's name, today's episode moves through a wide range of topics and themes that activate many curiousities for our co-host. As @thomasncooke and @julirone discover, the differences in their backgrounds, training, and analytical orientation set the table for an open chat about themes, concepts, and notions that our co-host may have otherwise taken for granted: east vs west, theory-praxis, the legacies of communism upon the Eastern Bloc, and something about cultural self-colonization. There is a little bit of everything in store for any listener. So grab your favourite German beer or a fistful of spargle, sit back, and enjoy!

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